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  1. 1. Basic

    • 1.1. Do you cover my area?

      We provide a customized on demand laundry service to customers in and around Colombo. To find out if we cover your area, go to and put in your city on the home page. You can try this on mobile app as well. This will let you know if we cover your area and, if we don’t, you can vote for your area to be the next place to be liberated with washapp. Don’t have Washapp Service in Your Area? Don’t worry; we are expanding incredibly quickly and we are adding new coverage areas every week, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

    • 1.2. How do I place an order?

      Getting a collection slot is simple. You can place an order with us online at or via our mobile app on iOS and Android Platforms.

    • 1.3. How can I access my account?

      There are a number of ways that you can access your Washapp account quickly and efficiently. You can log on to our website from any device or download our mobile app so feel free to use whichever method suits your lifestyle.

    • 1.4. Should I have received a password for my account?

      You can create a password when you set up an account with us. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on forgot my password and we will email you a link to create a new one.

    • 1.5. Can I have one account for the whole family?

      We understand that setting up separate accounts for other family members is time consuming so we’ve made it easy to organize laundry pickups and collections for the whole family from one account.

    • 1.6. I am not sure if my items should be laundered or dry cleaned. What now?

      Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to be an expert, that’s what we are here for! As long as the items are placed in a pick-up bag on collection, we will clean all items in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions and to what would create the best end result. If there’s any doubt or we can’t find a care label, we’ll return the item to you uncleaned so there’s no possibility of damage to your items. As Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders tend to be on the larger side, we won’t be able to check every garment so please separate dry clean items in advance.

    • 1.7. Preparing for your first pick up

      Don’t worry about a thing. All you need to do is have all of your laundry ready to go. Your Washapp Agent will arrive at your chosen location with a handy Washapp bag to place your loose clothes in, so it helps to have them all together. In your 03rd order, your Washapp Agent will leave you with a reusable bag upon delivery, so you can collect clothes together for future orders. It couldn’t be simpler.

    • 1.8. What happens if I have more laundry than expected?

      It happens. Simply show any extra items of laundry that you have to the member of our team upon collection. He will take care of it. And later We will update the order accordingly and notify you via an E-mail.

    • 1.9. How long will I be without my clothes?

      At Washapp, we think you should spend less time on household chores and more time doing the things you like with the people you love. We are proud to provide a speedy laundry service and in most cases we aim to collect your clothes, clean them to a professional standard and get them back to you all within 72 hours. If you’d prefer we went a little slower then that’s not a problem – just let us know when you want your clothes back. We’re flexible so don’t hesitate to give us a time frame that suits you.

    • 1.10. What happens to my clothes after pick-up?

      Once your items have been collected, they will then be delivered to our FULLY OWNED top notch Washapp Facilities and sorted by one of our laundry experts. This is where the magic happens. They will then be returned to you sparkling clean at a time to suit you.

    • 1.11. After Delivery?

      Once your Washapp Agent has dropped off your order, we do suggest some good practices for aftercare. Firstly, take a moment to check through your order to make sure you are satisfied with everything - Washapp offers a 24 hour Quality Guarantee so if you are unhappy with anything, you can get in contact with our support team who will look to resolve this for you. Feel free to give any packaging and hangers back to your driver. We can then look to recycle what we can and dispose of anything remaining rather than clogging up your house.

  2. 2. Products and Services

    • 2.1. There are still some stains on my item?

      Here at Washapp, we pride ourselves on providing a top quality clean. Unfortunately, some stains can’t be removed even when we try our best and repeated applications of the chemicals can result in damaging the fabric. If this is the case, we will send the item back with a special tag explaining this. If you don’t receive this tag, you don’t believe the stains were there previous or your generally unhappy with the quality of the cleaning, please do get in contact with our Customer Care team through and we can look into this alongside our 24hr Quality Guarantee.

    • 2.2. Something in my order wasn't cleaned?

      On occasion, we will receive an item we are unable to clean due a number of reasons. You should receive and Order Update email to confirm the amendment as we will update your order to ensure you aren’t charged. On delivery, the item will be received with a special tag to give you the full details. So why wouldn't we clean an item? Some items are received without a care label and so we cannot be sure of the exact fabrics it is made from. We can most certainly suggest the best way to clean these items however there is an increased risk due to the unknown aspects. If you are happy for us to clean it as we see fit, send it back on your next order and leave a note in the special instructions to give us the go ahead and we would request you waive liability of damage through cleaning. Some items are received with pre-existing damage which we will make a note of in our system. Cleaning these items can accentuate that damage so we don’t want to risk it without your go ahead. If you would like us to clean the item and accept that risk, please send it on your next order and leave a note in the special instructions.

    • 2.3. What's the difference between dry cleaning and wet washing?

      The fundamental difference between dry cleaning and wet washing is water; dry-cleaning does not use water while wet washing does. Most dry cleaners use a chemical solvent called perchloroethylene (PERC) or Hydrocarbon to get rid of stains while the process of wet washing uses gentler soaps and detergents. Here at Washapp, we will always follow the garment's care label to ensure we use the best process and for the best results. We can service items that require dry cleaning as well as standard wet washing.

    • 2.4. How should my items be cleaned?

      Don’t worry if you’re unsure how your clothes should be treated — we’ll check the label for you and take care of everything.

    • 2.5. Where are my orders cleaned?

      All at our own top notch Washapp Facilities! No third Party service providers involved.

    • 2.6. Why are some items more expensive than others?

      Women’s blouses for example are often more delicate than men’s shirts and the tailored fit often requires more care and attention at our end. This means they must be hand-finished and require more time and attention in order to ensure a high-quality finish. For this reason, the price for blouses and other delicate items may be higher. All of our pricing is clearly explained on our website and our mobile app so there won’t be any surprises or hidden costs.

    • 2.7. Do you dry clean wedding dresses other bespoke items?

      Currently we aren’t able to offer a service for these types of items. Bespoke items tend to not have a care label and the fabrics may have not been properly strength tested. Due to this we would suggest to consult a specialist to ensure that your items are cared for in the best possible way.

    • 2.8. Can I give you wet clothes?

      Whether its rain or because your washing machine has broken down, we can't accept wet clothes. This is because it can contaminate other orders whilst in transit. If your items are currently wet, we ask that you dry them out before sending them with our driver so we can make sure they are returned in the best condition.

    • 2.9. Do you clean pet related items?

      Be still our beating heart! We champion all furry friends but unfortunately there is a hygiene issue to think about with regards to other customers. This means we are unable to offer a service for pet related items at this time.

    • 2.10. What if my items are damaged?

      Your clothes are in safe hands and incidents of damage are extremely rare – but we understand it’s a natural point of concern. That’s why we’re fully insured! In the (very, very) rare event your item is damaged, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our compensation policy. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.

  3. 3. Collections and Deliveries

    • 3.1. How do I reschedule? Can I change the collection or delivery times?

      Rescheduling through the app is nice and easy. 1. Click on Your orders icon (Small Blue color washing machine icon on the top right) 2. If a pick up, then click on scheduled Pick-ups, else on "scheduled Deliveries" 3 Click on "Check Progress"" 4. There you go, You can Cancel or amend an order in this screen as per your plans. But please note that you won't be able to change a time of Pick-up if the time slot is scheduled to next day. Then please contact our customercare for further support. 5. Once saved, you should receive an Order Update confirmation email with your new times. Times will lock up 4 hours before you timeslot so you will no longer be able to edit these. If this is the case but you know you will not be home, please contact our Customer Care team to assist. Note: We do have a Rs. 200/- cancellation fee for Deliveries, if we arrive within the timeslot but cannot reach anyone at the property.

    • 3.2. How do I know when my driver will arrive?

      Knowing the hour time slot that your Washapp Agent will arrive in is useful at this phase, but we like to be more specific than that. In our next update, You will receive a text message with the ETA of the driver arrival as well as being able to follow him on a map. Unfortunately this functionality is not available for the Website and App at this time but we are hoping to roll this out shortly.

    • 3.3. Can I contact my driver?

      For safety reasons, we look to keep our Agents focused on driving and so you won’t be able to contact your driver directly. If you need to pass on a message, for example if you would like your order left at a reception, you can leave a delivery note when placing the order or alternatively you can leave a message with a member of our customer care team.

    • 3.4. I have received an SMS for an early collection/delivery, what should I do?

      If our Agents our running early, you may receive an SMS message to ask if they can come to you a bit early. If this is convenient for you, you just need to reply "Yes" to the SMS message and the driver will know he can attend early. Here at Washapp we understand that being early can be just as inconvenient as being late so please don’t worry if you get an SMS message and are not available. Simply ignore the message and the driver will be with you at your scheduled time.

    • 3.5. I can’t select the time or date I want

      If the times you would like to book for are unavailable or greyed out, it may mean that area is full or not available at that time. Please have a look on some other days which may also be convenient. If the app is not letting you place an order or select dates for collection/delivery. Refresh the app by quitting and restarting the app. If the problem persists, go into your settings and clear your cache. You will need to restart the app again.

    • 3.6. Can we have a regular collection and delivery each week?

      At this time we can't book a regular collection and delivery which automatically rolls onto each week so you will need to book a new order each week. However, we are working hard on this, so watch this space.

    • 3.7. Can I change the delivery address?

      Unfortunately, we can only deliver to the same address as where we collected. It’s something we are working on so you can have a truly flexible and customizable service. If for any reason, the above is not possible, please contact our Customer Care team who can look to assist.

    • 3.8. Can I leave my items with reception /concierge/ safe place?

      No problem, as long as this is the address you’ve provided as your collection/delivery. You can also leave instructions for collection and delivery for the driver. This can be done through the app at any time before collection and delivery or on the website when placing the order. If you don’t have any Washapp bags to hand, please make sure they are separated and leave notes in the bag or with the concierge to identify which is for wash and fold and which is for itemization

    • 3.9. Whoops! I missed a scheduled collection/delivery, what happens now?

      These things happen. Simply drop us a line via email and our customer care team will advise you on what to do next. If we do not hear from you, we will be in touch to arrange a new delivery slot but if we do not get a reply within 90 days, your clothing will be donated to a local charity. Note: On deliveries, we do have a Rs. 200/- cancellation fee if we arrive within the timeslot but cannot reach anyone at the property.

    • 3.10. I’m staying in a hotel/travelling to Sri Lanka, can I use your services?

      Oh absolutely! As long as the hotel/residence is covered by our service then you’ll find no hiccups. Granted, your credit/debit card will need to be accepted. If you don’t have a Local phone number to use, add the hotel one into your account details and then add your mobile or contact information into the collection/delivery instructions for the Delivery Agent.

    • 3.11. Why do you not cover my area/ how can I get Washapp in my area?

      We are continually growing and expanding - and while we might not currently cover your area, it’s most definitely the end goal! Voice your enthusiasm by voting for us to expand in your area next. You can do this by clicking on the following: Fingers crossed we will be with you soon!

    • 3.12. Can I return the hangers?

      Yes, of course, we don’t want to take up valuable space in your home so a member of our laundry team will happily take them off your hands.

    • 3.13. I love the service. Can I tip my driver?

      We are incredibly proud of the hard work that our Agents put in and sure you will be to. If you enjoyed our service and would like to tip Washapp Agent, there are plenty of ways to show your gratitude. We would encourage you to leave a positive review on the App or Play store and mention the driver's name. Or even you can leave us a positive review on our social media channels. The Agent will receive a bonus from the company and we can ensure their efforts are tracked and recognized.

    • 3.14. I’ve accidentally included an item. What do I do?

      It’s ok. If you contact us in a timely manner, a member of our team can remove the item from your order and return it to you.

    • 3.10 Do I get to keep the bag?

      With your 03rd order, you can keep your bag to use it for your next order. At Washapp we care about the environment and so we designed our branded bags to be perfect for transporting your laundry to and from our facilities.

  4. 4. Using the App

    • 4.1. How can I check the status of my order?

      You can view this in your Active Order list, accessible by the button in the top right. When opening the app with a live order, you should be taken here automatically.

    • 4.2. My clothing collection has grown since I booked a collection. Do you take additional items?

      Yes, no problem at all. Simply add any extra items to your clothing bag. We check all orders when they reach our facility and will update the order to reflect exactly what we receive.

    • 4.3. The items or prices in the app changed after placing an order

      If you entered your address after picking your items, it is possible that the prices may change if the original items or prices weren't available in your area. We try our best to display the most accurate available items and pricing, but isn't always possible without your full address. You will need to reconfirm the order with the updated items for it to be placed. Rest assured, this would only happen on your first order with us. When you have an account, all items and prices in the app will be accurate.

    • 4.4. Can I cancel my order?

      If last minute plans have come up and you are now unable to be there for collection or delivery and wish to cancel an order, that’s no problem at all. If you don’t know when your next free, you can cancel your order and place a new one when you’re ready. Not sure how to cancel your order, follow the steps below: Go to your active orders list Pick the order you want to cancel Choose the “Cancel Order” button

    • 4.5. Where can I find my order history?

      Don’t worry; you can see all of your past orders in your Washapp account so you can check your order history at any time. Your order history is available in the app. Open Washapp on your phone and tap the washing machine icon on the top right – that will show you any open, completed or cancelled orders. Our app makes it simple to access information on all orders past and present. You can check this on the web site as well. Simply log in to your account on the web site to enter the dashboard to check the order history.

  5. 5. Vouchers, Referrals and Rewards

    • 5.1. I have a discount code. What Now?

      Great, you can enjoy a discounted laundry service by imputing the discount code online or with the mobile app. You can do this during the checkout process.

    • 5.2. How do I add a voucher?

      Adding a voucher is nice and easy - simply input your voucher code at the order screen on the app or the website. For our mobile users, shake your phone for the voucher code box to pop up.

    • 5.3. How do I find my referral code and refer a friend?

      Within the app you have your own special code that you can share with your friends. You can even personalize your code for a little added touch. Your friends will get referral discount with your code, but remember this is only applicable for friends who haven't yet placed an order with us. After they’ve placed their order using your code you will be sent a code by email. And the beauty of our referral scheme is you can refer as many friends as you’d like!

    • 5.4. I have lost my voucher code?

      Don’t worry; it may just be hidden away in your junk mail. Please double check the junk mail and deleted email folders in your accounts email. If you can’t locate it here, contact a member of our team via our app and we can locate it for you. You will also be able to contact our Customer Care team via the app or Live Chat on the website. We can check your account for you and provide your most recent rewards.

    • 5.5. Can I use more than one voucher?

      No sorry, you can only use one voucher code per order.

    • 5.6. I accidentally forgot to input my voucher code. Is it too late?

      Its ok, accidents happen all the time. If your order has only just been collected or is due for collection, you will still be able to update your order with a voucher via the app. To do this, edit the order on your Active Order List which you should find at your orders history in the section, scheduled pick-ups. If the order has already been collected for a little while, simply call us on 0112 633733 or email us at to amend your order.

    • 5.7. My voucher is not working?

      We know it’s annoying but this can happen for a number of reasons. Some of our vouchers are available for a limited time - so you may be trying to use it after it’s expired. Additionally you may have previously used the same code, or it does not apply to the items or price value in your basket. You can also only use one voucher per order. Please make sure you check the information on the voucher and in the terms and conditions. If you are still struggling or believe the code you are trying to use is valid, then please get in contact with our help line.

    • 5.8. Can I earn loyalty points?

      Yes, of course. Currently we are in the process of designing our loyalty program scheme which will offer you dozen of benefits as you collect washapp points. Keep accumulating points!!!

  6. 6. The Payment Process & Feedback

    • 6.1. How can I pay?

      Paying for your order is quick and easy. You can pay for our laundry services at the Delivery via Cash or using Debit/Credit Cards (Visa or Master).

    • 6.2. Is there a minimum order?

      In order to place a collection with Washapp, you have to meet the minimum order value. If your order doesn’t meet the minimum order value, we can still accept it but you will be charged the same price.

    • 6.3. I have a general inquiry about Washapp, can you help?

      We are always happy to hear from our customers so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Customer service is important to us and we will always respond to any inquiries we receive via email.

    • 6.4. Do you provide customer care around the clock?

      You can get in touch with our customer care team between the hours of 8am and 5pm every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays when the hours are 10am until 1pm.

    • 6.5. How do I make a complaint?

      If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer care team is on hand to deal with any issues you may experience. We will do our best to respond to any complaint in a timely fashion. Send us an email to .