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Laundry services at your finger tips: ‘Washapp’

No more visiting the laundry shop. The new state-of-the-art laundry facility is here to collect, clean and deliver your cloths to your doorstep

The recent development of the mobile and web technology has encouraged a new breed of entrepreneurs as we have seen a lot of mobile and web based start-ups coming in an challenging the established market norms and structure.

Colombo recently saw a launch of another innovative mobile and web based start up, the ‘Washapp’ that will surely change the way you do your laundry.

Washapp will allow you to get your order laundry services via your mobile or web. The specialty here is that the company will arrange to pick-up your cloths at the address you have given and wash, dry-clean or press your cloths based on the details of your order and deliver them back to your doorstep.

The app can be downloaded for Google play store for Android uses and App-store for IOS uses and can even be accessed via www.washapp.lk.

The entrepreneur behind this innovative service, Washapp Founder and CEO Kalhara Hapuarachchi, mentioned that they recognised that the laundry industry is one of the few industries that are yet to be touched by modern technology and that understanding helped them to focus on this industry.

Washapp Founder and CEO, Kalhara Hapuarachchi

According to global research an average family spends over five hours on laundry every week, that’s over 12,000 hours of your life spent sorting, washing, folding and ironing when you could be doing something fun instead. That is why Washapp would be the ideal laundry solution for the ‘Money rich – Time poor’ segment of this country, he further added.

According to Hapuarachchi, Washapp is backed by a strong investment of $ 1 million to be invested in two phases, making it probably the largest investment on a mobile/web based start-up in Sri Lanka. The first phase of the investment is already made, with a substantial portion invested on setting up their own state-of the art laundry facility at their main office located at 47/38 A, Old Airport Road, Ratmalana.

Washapp Main Washing Facility at Ratmalana

Operation hours and area 

The collection and deliveries are taking place from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Colombo 03, Colombo 04, Colombo 05, Colombo 07, Battaramulla, Rajagiriya, Nawala and Talawatugoda.

The company has announced that they are planning to expand the service area based on customer voting. For this purpose there is a special feature valuable on their app and the website where customers can vote for their location and request the company to make the service available.

Delivery time and express services 

The cleaned cloths will be delivered within three days similar to most of the standard laundry services and special 24-hour express is also available on demand.


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Daily FT,

October 13, 2017


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